UK Commercial Debt Recovery

Fixed fees

Where the debt is undisputed, and the debt amount is between £1,000 to £100k we may be able to work for you on a pay as you go basis charging the following fixed fees.

Demand & follow up call starting from £65.

Letter of Claim (also known as a Letter Before Action) – starting from £197. (If you require advice in relation to your documents, this work will be tailor to your case and a bespoke fee will be offered).

Our fee to draft a claim starts from £217.

The Court charges a fee to issue a claim. You can review the Court’s fees here.

For enforcement, our fees start from £76.

Enforcement officer’s fees vary – We’ll explore your options with you.

Hourly rates of between £126 – £282 plus VAT are available for cases that fall outside of our fixed fee scheme, that are above £100k and for disputed debt recovery cases.

Our fees are plus VAT.

Dispute resolution

We typically work on an hourly rate basis of £126 to £282 plus VAT. We will always endeavour to estimate fees as the case progresses so that there are no surprises.

We may be able to offer fixed fees or discounted no win no fees. Call us on 020 8150 7173 to ask us about this service quoted our reference “Discounted CFA”.

If you would like your case to be assessed for a discounted no win no fee, we can prepare a formal assessment and report for you starting from £197 plus VAT.

Our reasonable expenses such as copy costs and printing will be charged accordingly.